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Do I need to be a member of uspsa?

Being a member of uspsa is not required for any level 1(monthly) match but if you shoot a level 2 match it is. 

Are new people welcome?

Yes we encourage people to bring friends new to the sport. if you are new and just show up please let us know at sign in and we will have someone work with you for the match. 

When do you shoot?

We have a match the 3rd saturday of every match. Sign in starts at 8 am and shooting at 9. 

What is uspsa?

Please check out the uspsa website.

Where is the match at?

cavalier rifle and pistol club range 5. see the directions page for a map.

What do i need to shoot?

a service pistol like a Glock,M&P or sig and you can be competitive in the Production division. You will need it and about 4 mags with pouches and a holster. if you have a 1911 you can compete in single stack division. 

Do i have to pre register?

Right now it is not required but it does help us get the match started on time by allowing us to preload the scoring programs. please go to www.PRACTISCORE.COM to pre register.

registration opens 2 Fridays before the match. 

Register online here:

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